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Smart Home 
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Live in a world where your house or office works with you to make your life more convenient, efficient and enjoyable. 

Smart devices. Smart homes. Smart living.

It's more than just
home automation...

As technology continues to evolve, so has how we can use it.

By bringing together an integrated set of innovative smart home products, we’re able to develop your space in the way that you want it.

Home Automation

With a fully integrated set of products that interacts with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Home, having true home automation could save you up to 50,000 tasks a year while reducing your energy costs.

Assisted Living

Technology that helps with independence and autonomy, and to improve quality of life for elderly people or those with disabilities that may struggle with mobility, communication or day-to-day life in normal properties.

Green Living

The UK has a target to be carbon net zero by 2050, and with the cost of living continuing to rise for commercial and domestic properties, green living automation could save users thousands of pounds every year.

Self Learning Automation

The innovation of coming home to a property that 'adapts' to your lifestyle is something that self-learning automation grants, as it supports your daily routine to make your life more convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions

A true smart home is where all of your devices are connected through one integrated ecosystem that can be controlled harmoniously through integrated controls, logic and schedules.

Your property’s devices are all connected and integrated to work as one, adapting to your lifestyle and learning your daily routines.

There’s no set formula for budgeting the cost of a smart home. It depends on a number of factors, ranging from what functionality you’re looking for, to the size of the property.

A good guideline to follow when budgeting for basic smart home functionality is to take 5% of your property’s value, up to 15% for the full range of integrations, including lighting, climate control and multi-room audio.
With any enquiry, our team will review your plans and work with you to provide a definitive budget.

A true smart home installation brings together all your home components in one connected ecosystem to ensure everything works in harmony and complements your living space.

Everything can be managed from one central app and the smart items around your home.

This is far different to most non-integrated internet connected devices, which each have their own app and don’t work in conjunction with one another.

A true smart home gives you the benefits of increased energy efficiency, better security and enhanced overall home management.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to smart homes and the devices which offer an integration method.

Options aren’t limited to, but include:

  • Lighting
  • Shading
  • Climate Control
  • Door Access
  • Garden Irrigation
  • Swimming Pools
  • Saunas
  • Security

By booking an appointment to visit our showroom, you can discover the full range of things you can control, automate and schedule in a relatable space.


Adding smart technologies to your property can improve efficiency, your EPC rating and the value. Smart home systems can also be configured to work with renewable energy sources, such as solar PV, for electric vehicle charging or ground source heat pumps for heating.

As we move towards a carbon net zero world, the inclusion of smart technologies will also be a way of future-proofing your property for potential buyers.

Our solutions use different inputs depending on the device and property, but most of them have integral sensors to monitor things, like the heating, and can operate lighting, music and blinds based off those sensors, meaning your installation can do its job without access to the internet.

Our partner’s Loxone Smart App can also be added to all mobile devices and will work through your home WiFi or 4G connection.

If you install our Loxone devices in your property, you can be assured that your data stays where it belongs, on the central device. In contrast to other home and building automation systems, your data is never analysed or collected in the cloud.

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