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Next Gen Smart Homes wasn’t formed overnight. Years of market research, technology trials and reviews, customer service models and an informed approach went into our formation.

"We're a small, close-knit team that cares about making a big impact in the industry."

We have both worked in the IT and electrical industries for a number of years, and both have successful businesses in our respective industries.  After working on a number of jobs together, we recognised that there was an almost constant crossover where our businesses were supporting one another. 

We started to get an increasing number of home automation from clients, so with our experience in hand, we decided to form a dedicated entity to offer a solution.  

We’re a small, close-knit team that comprises of our two directors, Aaron and Matthew, three smart home engineers and our resident office dogs, Hugo and Stanley, who you can often see wandering around the showroom to keep everything in check. 

Our director Matthew’s existing electrical business was already a Loxone Partner and had undertaken a number of installations for clients and was able to sell the solution ‘on paper’. 

But, we knew that giving the client the option to experience a Loxone set-up first-hand was the ideal scenario.  

The showroom allows us to take clients through a day in the life of a Loxone-enabled smart home and gives them the chance to experience the true benefits of living in an innovative space. 

One thing is for certain, us and the team at NG are excited for what the future holds for the industry!

– Aaron & Matthew, Co-Founders and Directors.