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The all encompassing Building Energy Management (BEMS) Solution - Lighting Energy Shading Climate Audio Security Access ...and so much more

HVAC Climate Control

Loxone provides a comprehensive commercial HVAC control solution integrating sensors for real-time data on temperature, humidity, and occupancy. Utilising advanced algorithms, it optimises heating, cooling, and ventilation systems to ensure comfort while minimising energy consumption. The system seamlessly integrates with various HVAC devices, allowing centralised control and automation based on occupancy, time, or environmental conditions. Its user-friendly interface enables monitoring, adjustment, and notifications for efficient management.

With a focus on energy efficiency and scalability, Loxone offers tailored solutions for diverse commercial spaces, optimising comfort and reducing operational costs.


Loxone’s commercial lighting control system revolutionises illumination management. Leveraging sensors and intuitive control logic, it orchestrates lighting based on occupancy, natural light levels, and specific needs.

Through centralised integration with various fixtures, including LEDs and smart bulbs, it ensures adaptive, energy-efficient lighting. The system automates schedules, adjusts brightness, and offers remote control via a user-friendly interface, optimising ambiance while minimising energy waste. Loxone’s scalable solution caters to diverse commercial spaces, delivering precise, efficient lighting control for enhanced comfort and reduced operational expenses.

Energy Management

Loxone’s commercial energy management system empowers businesses to optimise energy usage comprehensively. Integrating sensors and smart algorithms, it monitors and analyses energy consumption across devices, identifying patterns and inefficiencies.

 Through centralised control, it orchestrates HVAC, lighting, and other systems for peak efficiency, leveraging automation based on occupancy, schedules, and environmental conditions. Real-time data feedback and user-friendly interfaces enable proactive adjustments, reducing waste and operational costs. With scalable solutions adaptable to various commercial settings, Loxone facilitates informed decision-making, promoting sustainable energy practises while enhancing overall operational performance.

Access Control

Loxone’s commercial access control system offers a robust and customisable solution for managing building access. Leveraging smart technologies like mobile NFC, keycodes, and access tags, it regulates entry points, ensuring secure and efficient access for employees and visitors.

The system integrates seamlessly with other Loxone components, allowing for centralised control and monitoring. Administrators can set specific access permissions, track entry logs, and remotely manage access rights through an intuitive interface. With scalable options tailored to different commercial needs, Loxone provides a flexible and reliable access control solution, prioritising security while streamlining access management processes.


Loxone’s commercial shading control system redefines how buildings manage natural light. Employing sensors and intelligent algorithms, it automates shading adjustments based on sunlight, temperature, and time of day.

The system seamlessly integrates with various shading devices such as blinds, shades, and curtains, offering centralised control and scheduling for optimal light regulation and energy efficiency. Users can fine-tune settings through an intuitive interface, allowing for manual adjustments and remote control. With a focus on maximising comfort and reducing energy consumption, Loxone’s scalable shading control solution enhances ambiance while promoting efficient use of natural light in diverse commercial settings.


Loxone’s audio solution transforms commercial spaces into immersive soundscapes. Integrating seamlessly with existing systems or standalone setups, it delivers high-quality audio across various zones. The system allows centralised control, enabling users to manage volume, playlists, and sources effortlessly.

With support for diverse audio sources like streaming services, local storage, or live inputs, Loxone ensures versatile entertainment or informative content distribution. Its intuitive interface facilitates easy access and customisation, allowing tailored audio experiences for different areas or events. Scalable and adaptable, Loxone’s audio solution enhances ambiance, communication, and engagement within commercial environments while offering efficient, user-friendly control

EV Charging

Loxone’s commercial EV charging solution provides a smart and efficient way to manage electric vehicle infrastructure. It integrates seamlessly with charging stations, offering centralised control, scheduling, and monitoring. The system optimises charging times based on energy tariffs, demand, and available capacity, ensuring cost-effective and convenient charging for multiple vehicles.

Users can access real-time data and manage charging stations remotely through an intuitive interface. Loxone’s scalable solution caters to varying business needs, promoting sustainable transportation practises while providing a hassle-free and adaptable EV charging infrastructure for commercial spaces.

A versatile solution that supports your business expanding adapting diversifying