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The all encompassing smart home solution - Lighting Energy Shading Climate Control Audio Security Access Sauna Control Pool Control Irrigation AAL ...and so much more

Hands free energy effeciency

When you’re away, Loxone’s smart controls intelligently adjust the heating or cooling, conserving energy. Upon your return, the system gradually reaches your preferred comfort temperature, offering a warm welcome. Through seamless automation, every room maintains its ideal temperature efficiently. But that’s not all—cooling, blinds, ventilation, and lighting can synchronize efforts to optimize energy savings. Plus, you can monitor your power consumption anytime with the Loxone App, ensuring you stay in control of your energy usage.

Security as a priority

Loxone stands as a vigilant guardian, safeguarding your home and your loved ones from unwelcome intruders, internal threats, and abrupt weather shifts. Homes equipped with Loxone’s security and monitoring capabilities are vigilant, detecting unauthorized access attempts, continuously scanning for hazards like smoke or water leaks, and identifying falls and alterations in behavior.

A home that works for you

A Loxone Smart Home transcends mere technology; it embodies a lifestyle centered around comfort, safety, and energy efficiency. Loxone empowers you to tailor your home to match your unique needs and preferences. Your dwelling effortlessly handles routine tasks, granting you the freedom to savor life’s meaningful moments