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Smart Home

A true Smart Home is much more than just a home with connected components you can control on your smart phone…

With a Loxone Smart Home, you can integrate all aspects of your property into a self-learning, adaptive and autonomous building to support your lifestyle. 

A smart home isn’t a frivolous and unnecessary extravagance. It can be an effective way of living by saving you time and money, while being environmentally friendly.



Home Automation

True end-to-end automation with endless possibilities, combinations and integrations to ensure your smart home covers all aspects of your living space in one harmonious setup.


Assistive technology promotes independence and autonomy, while improving the quality of life for elderly people or those with disabilities.


Green living technology helps you to reduce your cost of living and emission outputs. From energy monitoring to solar PV systems, adopting a sustainable lifestyle through smart home automation could save you thousands of pounds per year. 


Self Learning Automation

Through functions like the Intelligent Room Controller, your true Smart Home can learn more about your habits and routines to adapt to your lifestyle, giving you the convenience and efficiency that allows you to focus on other things.

Solar Management


App Control & Push Notifications

EV Charging

Access Control

Energy Management

Garage/Gate Integration

Night Time Controls

Home Monitoring

Kitchen Appliance Control



Retrofit Wireless Options

Swimming Pool Control

Sauna Control


Multiroom Audio

Room Climate

Smart Controls

HVAC Integration

Alarm Clock
Weather Station
Multi Room Audio Server
NFC Keypad
Water Sensors
NFC Keypads
Alarm Siren
Alarm Siren

Garage Door Controls

Door and window contacts
Smoke detectors
Presence detection
Presence detection
Multi Room Audio
Multi Room Audio
Climate monitoring
Climate monitoring
Touch Switches
Touch Switches
Touch Switches
Swimming Pool control
RGBW lighting
Climate monitoring
Smoke and CO2 detection