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Assisted Living

Use all your interconnected components from your true Smart Home to configure a home that can promote living and assist day to day life for the elderly and people with disabilities

Using the same set of interconnected components the foundation of your smart home is built on Loxone can be used with advanced configuration logic to promote assisted living within your home. Starting with careful analysis and consideration of the occupant’s needs we can work with you to configure your home to help eliminate and reduce everyday living challenges and ensure day to day life is supported within the home.

walking upstairs

Passive Monitoring

Passive Monitoring can be implemented in countless scenarios to ensure routine tasks are occurring within the home and alert on any omissions to tasks ordinarily undertaken in an occupants daily lifestyle so the nominated contact(s) can take appropriate action to ensure everything is OK at home.


Audible and Visual Reminders

Use lighting and audio throughout the home to serve as reminders or alerts to those hard of hearing or visually impaired respectively. This can be implemented in numerous scenarios including the likes of safety events, visitor doorbell notifications, the phone ringing or even reminders to undertake daily routine tasks.

With a Loxone Smart Home the oppurtunities for implementation are endless and with many of the Loxone lighting products being RGBW fittings the number of signals that can used for visual notifications are vast. Similarly, the multiroom audio setup throughout a home can ensure that a an audible notification is not missed no matter where you are in the home at the time of the alert.

Sensors and Environment Monitoring

By combining an advanced array of sensors and environmental monitoring controls your smart home can become even smarter in the way it supports the assisted living of occupants. Anything from ensuring the correct water temperature through to effective notifications for the occupants in the event of a water leak or even remote alerting to family and friends in the event of a fall. The combination of technologies, logic and configuration in your Loxone Smart Home can support all elements of daily life.