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Green Living

A fully interconnected home incorporating energy sources allows for an energy efficient home with intelligent controls to reduce your energy bills and environmental impact.

An ecosystem of connected devices for a complete Energy Management System.


Produce Energy

In a true smart home you can integrate your energy sources in addition to your devices that consume energy. By integrating the likes of your solar panels you can tract both your electricity production, storage and consumption within your Loxone system.

The Intelligent Energy Meter allows you to overview your entire homes energy status from within the Loxone App and help you manage your buildings energy demands.

Track Energy Usage

Intelligent energy usage tracking across all elements in your home allowing you to view your peak usage times and consumption. Make informed decisions and system changes to ensure energy is being consumed from the most economical sources at all times throughout the day.


Save Energy

Use intelligent automation and self learning to drive down your energy bills and ensure your home is heated and cooled only at required times. Overlay the likes of presence detection with your heating schedules and ensure your schedules run only when required and not during extended periods of absence.

In addition to schedules, combine your shading to ensure your heating, cooling and blinds all work in unison to drive the ultimate energy efficient home with automatic sun detection changing the shading position allowing natural sunlight to heat the room for example.