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Alerting & Notifications

Stay up to date with everything going on throughout your home through various means of notifications and alerts, be it whilst you’re at home or on the other side of the world.


You have an alert.

We spend a lot of time on our mobile devices, but sometimes that’s a good thing. 

Push notifications can be sent straight to your device for any event linked to your smart home.

Whether you’re at work during the day or are away overnight, having the ability to be notified at any minute gives you peace of mind.

The events don’t always need to be a bad thing, either.

If you’ve left a window open to air your kitchen out and it starts raining, for example, they can automatically close and send you a push notification. 

Using the Loxone app, you can choose when a notification needs to be sent and what the notification details.

  • Customise the notifications to push to your mobile devices
  • Different alerts for different events
  • Scenario-led triggers will push a notification

It's urgent!

Sometimes accidents happen and it can’t be helped. 

If this happens, you will receive alert messages for critical issues within the home.

For example, if you try to arm the security alarm as you leave the property for the night but have left a window open, you can receive a critical push notification and spoken message through the audio system.

More importantly, you will have the ability to take immediate action on an alert, even if you’re away from your property, to ensure the safe operating of your home until the issue is resolved.

  • Caller Service reminds you about things that you have forgotten or key alerts to ensure you don’t miss a notification
  • Urgent notification labels for certain triggers
  • Solve alert remotely using the Loxone app
System Status

All in one place.

Using the notification system and app functionality, you will be able to view the status of your home at a glance with the central overview page on the app.

As well as monitoring energy management and usage, alarm system triggers and much more, you will be able to immediately action any processes needed to remedy any problems at your property.

Whether it’s locking a door, shutting the water off or closing a blind, all functionalities lie within the Loxone app and the push notification system, meaning you can continue with your plans with full peace of mind. 

  • Full control over all applications and devices
  • Operate remotely 
  • Customise access and functionality available to user groups through the central app