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EV Charging

Intelligent Electric Vehicle charging to ensure your car charges in the cheapest possible way, and sometimes, for free.


EV chargers are here.

Since 2022, all new build homes are legally bound to be built with electric vehicle charging points. 

This means that there will be around 145,000 new chargers installed every year.

By integrating your EV charger or wall box to your smart home, you will be able to charge your car in a more efficient way. This includes using energy generated directly from your solar panels or even energy generated throughout the day and stored in battery systems until you arrive home at night and put your car on charge.

With access to the Loxone app, you start of stop the charge of your vehicle whilst you’re away from the property too, with real-time data available to monitor power input.

  • Charge your EV by using stored energy 
  • Monitor input and output remotely
  • Manage charging times depending on tariffs 

Energy from everywhere.

An EV charger or wallbox controls the timing schedule of your EV by taking external factors into consideration.

These include available energy sources, overall load of the house and time-dependent tariffs.

Using the Loxone App, you can start, pause or set the charging current, taking things like current electricity rates or total consumption of your home into consideration.

And by connecting to your Loxone Miniserver, you can monitor the usage and power consumption of the charging point to ensure your house load remains efficient.

  • Set charging timing schedules up
  • Realtime weather reports
  • Control the charging remotely via the app