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Garden Irrigation

Intelligent garden irrigation that uses advanced logic to look at things like weather forecasts and soil moisture to ensure your garden is always well maintained. 

Irrigation Control

Everyone wants a nice garden, but the reality is, it can be a tedious task to keep up with the maintenance. 

Automated irrigation systems consist of a number of devices that all work together autonomously. 

The water source for your smart garden can be rainwater or water from your home. The specialised pump will automatically switch off when the water reaches a certain limit, meaning it will only switch on once the pressure in your pipes drops.

And if you have a decorative garden, you can include things like drip hoses that are able to cover various complicated shapes or have certain part of the garden you don’t want to get wet.

You can also reduce water consumption by only watering the places you need to, for the optimum time determined by soil moisture sensors – no pre-determined schedules that risk flooding your flower beds when its already rained that day.

  • Fully customised systems specific to your garden
  • Reduce water wastage
  • Set timing schedules for garden maintenance

Tracking and history

Full tracking history showing when irrigation was started, stopped or even when it didn’t occur as there had been enough rain during the period running up to the standard cycle window.

Irrigation logic

  • Advanced programable logic all within the Loxone Miniserver
  • Can use the likes of soil moisture sensors to measure soil moisture before beginning a scheduled watering cycle and only water for the optimum amount of time until the soil moisture reaches the specified level, i.e. no wasted water by following a standard watering schedule window and effectively overwatering your flower beds into a muddy swamp
  •  Incorporates the Loxone Weather Station and/or the Loxone Weather Service to determine rainfall in your location and take this into account with the watering cycles