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Set the mood right with fully-automated lighting in your property, whether you’re trying to wind down or liven a party up…

Lighting Moods

Get in the mood.

Whether you’re settling down for the night with a film or have people round for a party, having the right lighting in place is one of the most important aesthetic factors. 

By using the app, a single room switch or by voice command, you can adjust the mood in less than 5 seconds.
Perhaps you want to dim the lights for a more relaxing environment, or have a strobe effect to get a party going. 
Whatever atmosphere you’re opting for, having the ability to manipulate your lighting depending on the situation is one of the most popular reasons that people opt for home automation. 
  • Set a particular hue and colour set for different moods 
  • Motion sensors detect when to change the lighting
  • Central monitoring to control the lights remotely

Saving on energy costs.

Motion triggered lighting means that the lighting will come on when a presence is detected rather than having to turn them on or off. 

However, if a room is already lit naturally, motion sensors will switch off to stop the lights turning on unnecessarily and to save on energy costs. 

Likewise, you can switch all lights in the home off from one main switch rather than individual switches in each room to avoid leaving any lights on.

Not that leaving a light on is possible with our smart homes, as you can access your custom lighting remotely through the Loxone app. 

  • Presence detectors mean there’s no need to turn lights on manually
  • Operate lighting remotely through app
  • Switch off lights for entire property using one switch



RGBW Colour Sequences

It's more than just lights.

As part of the security benefits of automated lighting, the system can mimic occupancy to act as a deterrent by turning on and off periodically.

If you’re hard of hearing, the lighting can act as a visual aid to show you what’s going off around the home – whether that’s someone at the door, a fire hazard or a water leak. 

And there doesn’t have to be someone in a room for the presence detection to work. If you’re in one room but the system detects a different noise elsewhere, it will activate the lighting system to make you aware. 

  • Light flashes when someone is at the door
  • Visual aids vary depending on trigger event
  • Lighting will increase energy efficiency by turning off automatically