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Multiroom Audio

Sometimes, doing more than one thing at once is a necessity. With multiroom audio, you can have music and alerts that seamlessly follow you as you move around your property.


Music that moves with you...

We’ve all been there. 

You’re in the middle of listening to music, but you move rooms and need to start the same song in the next room; or you’ve been waiting all day for a parcel to arrive but really need to use the bathroom and don’t want to miss the doorbell going off. 

With multiroom audio, the music travels with you as you move about your property, meaning you can seamlessly continue listening to your favourite soundtracks. 

Or, if your parcel arrives at an inconvenient time, the integrated system will mean you’ll hear the doorbell chime wherever you are in your home.

  • Full Spotify and Apple AirPlay 2 integration
  • Pre-compose messaging that will play depending on certain triggers
  • Set individual playlists for each room
  • Integrated speakers will notify you of any visitors

No remote control needed...

“Who has the remote control?” 

Famous words uttered in almost every household across the UK.

But with the Loxone, you can control all audio aspects from any touch wall switch in the room, decide on each room’s soundtrack using the Loxone app or make the music automatically start as you enter a room. 

You can also set certain playlists for certain rooms and times, so if you need a softer wake-up call or a lively set to get you in the mood for a night out, it’s all possible through multiroom audio. 

And if you need to leave, you can turn the whole system off through the Loxone app, the switches in each room or even a triple tap at the front door switch as you leave the house to turn all rooms off at once.

  • Control your TVs, stereos and audio equipment from the app
  • Set individual music soundtracks for each room 
  • Record your own announcements to play at certain time
Media Controller

It's more than just music...

Sometimes, life gets in the way of convenience, but it doesn’t need to. 

Multiroom audio means that you’ll never miss a delivery or visitor as alerts will follow you around the property.

And by recording your own announcements in the Loxone app, you can save voice notes and reminders to play in certain rooms and certain times. 

If you need to leave your property for a prolonged period of time, the multiroom audio system can be set to turn on and off at varying times to mimic your home routines and to make it seem as though someone is home.

However, when you leave your home, and you do want to switch off the entire multiroom audio system, you can do so by simply hitting the switch by your front door.

  • Receive alerts from the doorbell, wherever you are in the property
  • Record messages to alert certain rooms at varying times
  • Switch off audio from a single switch