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Room Climate & HVAC

Full room climate control across your home using any source of heating, cooling or ventilation. Intelligent controls layering schedules, presence, holiday modes and more to ensure an energy efficient climate.

Heating and Cooling

Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning

Never have a room throughout the house that is not set to your preferred climate no matter what time of the day. Taking into account the outside weather, sunlight direct, schedules and room presence your Loxone Smart Home can ensure optimum energy efficiency and ultimate comfort with efficient climate control.

Whether it be wet or electric underfloor heating, radiators, air conditioning or a ventilation system Loxone can control it all for you. With each smart switch on the wall also incorporating temperature and humidity monitoring you can do away with old traditional thermostats on the wall in each room and have multizone heating throughout your home.

  • Fully customisable monitoring, schedules and overrides for all your heating, cooling and ventilation sources
  • Maintain temperatures at different levels throughout the home
  • No need for thermostats on the wall in every room, Loxone switches read the temperature and humidity levels of the room alongside their expected switching functions

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Maintenance Management

  • Many heating sources requite regular maintenance to maintain warranty and longevity of the expensive products
  • Let Loxone manage all your maintenance counters whether it be use based, periodic timing etc
  • Automated reminders when maintenance windows are approaching