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Traditional alarm systems have protected properties for years, but smart home security systems can do more than just keep people out.

Burglar Alarm

Never miss a thing.

As criminal activity has become more sophisticed, technology has had to improve, meaning traditional intruder alarms no longer provide the security of knowing your home is being protected.

With a presence-based burglar alarm, a combination of motion, sound and light levels can be configured to trigger an alert if you’re not home.

The app will then let you know which area of the house has been triggered, keeping a history log of triggers for future reference.

If a burglar alarm is activated, your multiroom audio will play a specific alarm siren sound on all speakers and external bell box with the addition of all shading opening and lights throughout the home strobing to draw attention to the property from onlookers. 

  • Receive notifications directly to your phone or computer
  • Review history logs to see which alarms were triggered
  • Link the alarm to your multiroom audio, lighting and shading

Easy to arm.

The delayed arming feature allows you to select a set time limit before the alarm is armed. 

This is particularly useful if you’re disabled and it might take you a little longer to leave, or you have numerous family members that need to leave the premises.

A multi-staged alarm will mean you will first receive a notification to your device if it’s triggered. Then, you will receive audio or visual cues to ensure that it’s obvious that the alarm is being sounded.

If you’re in the property, a smart home alarm will monitor upstairs or downstairs, depending on where you are and if you’re arming it during the day while you’re out or at night when everyone is asleep.

  • Audio & visual cues linked to the alarm to act as a deterrent
  • Delayed arming to give you enough time to leave the property
  • Multiroom speakers will sound across the home if the alarm is activated
NFC Key Tags

It's not just security.

Your smart alarm won’t only protect your house from what’s outside. 

Water leaks, smoke and fire are all elements that can be detrimental, but a smart alarm system detects any danger immediately and can alert you in a variety of ways. 

If you’re hard of hearing, a visual cue will flash a certain colour depending on the nature of the incident. If you’re hard of sight, the multiroom audio will play a certain sound. 

And due to the integrated nature of a modern smart home property, there isn’t a need to purchase a bunch of additional expensive security equipment. 

If you already have other smart home functionalities, things like presence sensors and window/door contacts will already be installed to assist with the likes of lightning, heating and cooling so these can also be used as part of your security setup.

  • Protect your home from disasters, as well as intruders
  • Link the alarm system to other functionalities
  • Manipulate which areas are armed, depending on where you are