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Intelligent shading that provided privacy, security and comfort throughout your smart home.

Shading around the home.

Whether it’s sunlight glaring at the TV, or maintaining a natural temperature throughout your property, there are numerous scenarios that can be manipulated with smart shading in a smart home. 

By using the Loxone app, or a single switch, you can control all your shading throughout your property, from internal blinds and curtains to integrated skylight and external shutters.

You will have full control of your blinds, and you can have them operate in conjunction with things like climate control or time of day.

As the Sun moves around to specific windows, you can then use the weather service integration to get the system to use real-time weather data to manipulate the light for that room.

  • Real-time weather operation
  • Automatically tilt, close or open blinds around the property
  • Set timing schedules up for when you return

Control remotely.

The Loxone switch allows you to use any switch to control the blinds in that room, allowing for manual adjustment at any time

And if you’re not at home but want to let light into the property for a pet, the full app control allows you to remotely operate all windows from wherever you are. 

Presence simulation while you’re on holiday also allows the blinds to open and close throughout the day to simulate someone being at home, adding an extra layer of security/deterrence to your property.

  • Operate blinds remotely
  • Presence triggers to mimic occupancy
  • Work from a single switch
Shading 2

It's all on the clock.

You can build and configure certain timing schedules for your blinds to operate depending on time and day. 

When Night Mode is activated, all blinds will close at the touch of a button.

They can also be integrated into your wake-up routine, where they’re integrated into your alarm clocks and begin to gradually open as your alarm goes off to let a dim light in as the music fades. 

  • Create daily schedules for your routines for a hands-off approach
  • Night Mode shut-off
  • Your house wakes up with you