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Smart Switches & App Control

Intelligent multi-purpose switches, remotes and full app controls, meaning everything can be operated in one 
single place.

It's just a little touch.

Imagine a switch so matched to your home’s interior that it blends in, to the point of being invisible.

That’s what the Loxone Touch Surface does.

It gives you full control directly integrated into your smart home’s furnishings and surface and allows you to operate everything with your fingertips. Whether you’re on a kitchen worktop, living room table or beside the pool, you can control whatever, wherever you like.

  • Integrate seamlessly around the property
  • Control everything from the oven to the lights off one control
  • Removes the need for manual operation

Single wall switches.

You can replace traditional clunky single operation wall switches with smart intelligent touch switches that give you the full operation of your home at a tap of the finger

Backlights will activate at night, allowing you to easily find the switch when it’s dark to manipulate everything from the blinds, lighting and music by a single touch of a button. 

Every part of your smart home can also be controlled from your mobile app across all devices, including web and desktop apps. 

  • Access all devices remotely, wherever you are
  • Constant real-time data available
  • Operate numerous devices off a single switch